Strategy and goal integration

The essential point for us is helping you formulate and develop a comprehensive sustainability strategy by including a blend of social, environmental, and economic aspects into an existing business framework.

Investing and reporting

We are expert in establishing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Criteria. Provision of analysis and solutions to investors and asset managers to decide on sustainable investments against a broad set of key performance indicators (KPIs) is amongst our specialities.


Green marketing, Reputation Management, PR, Crisis communication are just amongst the services we implement into our complete ESG and CSR strategy, which we direct both to internal and external shareholders.

Sustainability, ESG and CSR

Sustainability is not another buzz word – it has become the most notorious and defining aspect of modern businesses.

In different markets, the sustainability varies from legal requirement, peer pressure, trend setting, but in the essence of every company it is always a responsible and conscious choice.

Our goal is to guide you to understanding better the value and the advantages of being leaders in Sustainable Business modelling, by adding values to your daily actions.